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Fall Protection

Buy Fall Protection and safety equipment

Many jobs require to work near to the ground levels or risky levels of height .The safety regulation states that if you are at risk of falling two meters or more from your workplace, you should use a suitable fall protection equipment that can save you from the major accident if by chance lose your balance working on the height.

Different types of equipment are designed and made available for your safety equipment depending on the category of the function and position of the fall.

Fall Protection and Safety equipment available at Tooling India

The fall protection equipment available at tooling India are among the best brands like Karam, Aktion, UFS and many more top brands The fall protection safety equipment are subcategorized in Fall protection kits, the lanyards, construction safety nets, ull body harness, safety harness, harnesses and safety ropes etc.

Tooling India cares about your safety by providing you absolute, durable and trusted fall protection equipment’s from some leading manufacturers across the world.