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Socket Sets and Accessories

Socket Sets online at toolingindia

Socket Sets is a ratchet tool that comes with a set of cylinder-shaped sockets of different sizes. People use the toolset for tightening and loosening nuts or bolts of different sizes. Socket sets are beneficial types of equipment to have around the house for repairs and projects of all kinds. Users should know how the different parts of the socket set work, what kind of factors to consider, and know how to identify which parts to use for certain projects. Tooling India has a best and guaranteed product in socket sets, which include square Drive hex, bi-hex, and square Drive Exel socket sets. We offer absolutely tested and trusted tools to fulfill your needs.

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Socket sets are mostly hexagonal in shape, it is referred as “6-point” in lay terms. Socket sets are categorized in socket sets and accessories which include the adapters, extension bar, flex handle, head ratchet, L-handle and T-handle, Universal joint etc. Hex sockets are the most common type of socket used and come in two main types: hex/6 point sockets and bi-hex/12 point sockets. carries a huge selection and varieties of hand tools regarding every unique category of biggest and best brands in this section namely taparia socket set which is demanded in large scale in most of the industries.